Nottingham, 2004-2012


Responsible currently for:

-       MA: Themes in History: Memory and Social Change in Modern Europe and Beyond

-        Year 3: From Dictatorship to Democracy: The Politics of Memory Germany since 1945

-        Year 3: The Collapse of the Weimar Republic (Special Subject)

-        Year 2: Germany in the Age of Mass Politics, 1871-1945


d) Supervision  of more than 100 BA  Dissertations and Exploring Historiography Essays since 2004, Pastoral Care of Students



Oxford, 2001-2004


Respsonsible for the following Tutorials


- From the First to the Second World War, 1914-45 (2nd Year)

- Europe and the Wider World, 1815-1914 (3rd Year)

- From the Crimean War to the Great War: 1856-1914 (3rd Year)

- Foreign Texts: Meinecke and Kehr: Two Views of the German Sonderweg, 1789-1945 (1st Year)